The Appalachian Troubadours 

Music in the Mountains...

Richard Jett’s Appalachian Troubadours, a group of solo artists, have been performing for over 20 years throughout Eastern and Central Kentucky.  The Appalachian Troubadours are a wholesome Christian-based group performing at shows centered on morally acceptable themes, promoting family values, and music history education.
  Performances consist of a variety of music genres to include Americana, bluegrass, classic pop, country, folk, gospel, and 50/60’s.  Members perform with CD tracks, provide background vocals, and at times use musical instruments as part of their performance. 

The Appalachian Troubadours perform through out Kentucky at contracted state parks, festivals, benefits, churches, and numerous other events across the state.  Performances consist of primarily individual solos, with occasional duets and group acts.  With various styles and genres, The Appalachian Troubadours take pride in creating a show that appeals to all generations.  Whether it's the haunting cry of a mandolin, the gentle strum of a guitar, or the sultry hum of a sax, the Troubadours give every audience member what they came for....a variety of entertainment!